Black Tar Mormon

"The pages here will end. That's inevitable. But my story continues... just like yours. That is both the beautiful and terrifying responsibility of living life. Each day we are given a page. Each day we decide what our story will leave behind. We control our legacy."


          I want to tell you how I ruined my name as a man and then
built it into something stronger from the rubble. If you've
always been on top, this isn't for you. This one is for the
underdogs. This is for anyone who has looked at the ashes of
their life, mixed them with tears to create mortar, and
undergone the arduous construction of redemption.
          I’m going to tell you the uncensored and gritty truth about
my time as a Mormon and a missionary, but this is not a book
about Mormonism.
          I’m going to tell you the intimate details about my early
experiences with love and lust, but this is not a relationship
          I’m going to give you the raw and dirty confessions about
my time as a heroin addict, but this is not a book about drugs.
          I’m going to tell you about what it took for me to get
comfortable in my own skin, but this is not a self-help book.
What I do have to offer is brutal honesty and unbridled
hope. I'm not going to pull any punches. You might laugh. You
might cry. You might tell your neighbors to ban this book.
          That's your prerogative and your life. This is mine. I'm
sharing it with the same trepidation/motivation that I felt when I
first opened up about these lessons I've learned the hard way:
          "If it helps just one person… it was all worth it."